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Buddhist music a universal language

A concert of Buddhist music - classical, contemporary and crossover - will be staged during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday to express hopes and prayers for a happy Chinese Lunar New Year. Li Anlan reports.

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14th century Goryeo Buddhist painting found in Rome

The National Museum of Korea recently found “Buddha Amitabha,” a 14th century Goryeo Buddhist painting in Rome, Italy during a research on the collection of the National Museum of Oriental Art.

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Buddha birthplace exhibition in Durham

A NEW exhibition explores a North-East university’s links with the birthplace of the Buddha.

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In a postmodern world, a return to the traditional

While Bangkok’s galleries and studios today largely vibrate with the experimental and conceptual, a practitioner of Buddhist painting and plaster-moulded bas-relief quietly keeps the ancient arts alive and relevant.

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Recitation of Sacred Buddhist Texts in Ladakh on UN List

The recitation of sacred Buddhist texts in India’s Ladakh region has been added to a UN list of "intangible cultural heritage" by the world body’s committee tasked with protecting the oral traditions, performing arts and social practices around the world.

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Tibetan Buddhist palaces restored in Forbidden City

Tibetan Buddhist palaces and buildings in the northwest corner of the Forbidden City, currently the Palace Museum in Beijing, have been reconstructed after a disastrous fire nearly 90 years ago.

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Art et the Spiritual Life

A Talk by Sri Chinmoy : Spirituality is the source of everything. Life is everywhere....But if I want to discover the source, then I have to say it is in the heart. Inside the heart we find the life-breath, and inside the life-breath is God’s Will."

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Kung fu nuns teach cosmic energy to CERN scientists

A dozen kung fu nuns from an Asian Buddhist order displayed their martial arts prowess to bemused scientists at CERN as their spiritual leader explained how their energy was like that of the cosmos.

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Japanese Man Creates Incredible LEGO “Pop-Up Book” That Opens to Reveal Buddhist Temple

Japanese LEGO artisan Talapz, however, brings his miniature brick models to a whole new level by turning them into fantastic colorful pop-up books.

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Film brings Buddhist nuns’ story out of the shadows

After a 20-year career as a still photographer, Marin’s Heather Kessinger makes her filmmaking debut with "In the Shadow of Buddha," a documentary that takes viewers into the seldom-seen world of Tibetan Buddhist nuns in northernmost India. While beautifully photographed, it doesn’t paint a completely pretty picture.

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