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Unesco Adds 19 World Heritage Sites Including Mount Etna, Mount Fuji And North Korea’s Kaesong

Unesco recognized two revered volcanoes as being of “outstanding universal value” this week when its World Heritage Committee announced a set of new additions to the prestigious World Heritage List.

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Aikido - The Non-Violent Martial Art

"Aikido is nonviolence. Every human being has been entrusted with a mandate from heaven, and the victory we seek is to overcome all challenges and fight to the finish, accomplishing our goals. In Aikido we never attack. If you want to strike first, to gain advantage over someone, that is proof your training is insufficient, and it is really you yourself who has been defeated..."

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Wagner Dream: Buddhism from ancient India to Wales and England

Before the opera begins, a solitary figure in white robes walks purposefully out on to stage from the right, turns onto a raised platform, and sits, facing slightly away from the audience.

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A lost Nirvana: Swat’s window into the past closes as Kanderai slowly disappears

Neglected by the government, Kanderai, the remains of one of the largest and most fascinating Buddhist settlements, will soon crumble to dust.

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Nataraja, or the Dance of Shiva.

Shiva is also known as Nataraj, the Lord of Dancers. The most splendid representations of Nataraj are to be found in the Chola bronzes from South India, from around the 8th century to the 12th century; it is the image of Nataraj which is installed as the central deity in the great temple at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu.

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Save Pali, ancient classical Indian language of Buddhism in India

Doesn’t Pali language and literature fulfil the above criteria? Pali, which is said to be the dialect of the Buddha’s own teachings contained in Tipitaka, which is a treasure of Buddhist knowledge and became carrier of the propagation of Buddhism in the entire world, is on the verge of dying in its own motherland.

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Buddhist painting of Joseon returns home from Japan

The Buddhist scripture Beophwagyeong (the Sutra of the Lotus) said, "The path toward Buddha is open to everyone." To spread this lesson, Buddha must have wandered around the world accompanied by Buddhist saints and his disciples.

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UMMA displaying rare, treasured Buddhist thangkas

The latest installation of the University of Michigan Museum of Art’s Collections Collaborations series is a spiritual journey wrapped around an exotic adventure.

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Buddhist festival helps keep culture alive

New Plymouth’s Sri Lankan community brought its culture alive on Saturday in celebration of religious and cultural festival Vesak.

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Dunhuang: Buddhist Art at the Gateway of the Silk Road

This exhibit will present sculptures, scrolls, and other objects dating back more than a thousand years from the Dunhuang art shrine.

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