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14th century Goryeo Buddhist painting found in Rome

The National Museum of Korea recently found “Buddha Amitabha,” a 14th century Goryeo Buddhist painting in Rome, Italy during a research on the collection of the National Museum of Oriental Art.

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Yen Li-pen - Chinese painter - T’ang dynasty

The Chinese painter Yen Li-pen (died 673) was the greatest master of the early T’ang dynasty. He was primarily a figure painter, and his style expresses the confident, expansive air of his age.

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In a postmodern world, a return to the traditional

While Bangkok’s galleries and studios today largely vibrate with the experimental and conceptual, a practitioner of Buddhist painting and plaster-moulded bas-relief quietly keeps the ancient arts alive and relevant.

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Recitation of Sacred Buddhist Texts in Ladakh on UN List

The recitation of sacred Buddhist texts in India’s Ladakh region has been added to a UN list of "intangible cultural heritage" by the world body’s committee tasked with protecting the oral traditions, performing arts and social practices around the world.

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Art et the Spiritual Life

A Talk by Sri Chinmoy : Spirituality is the source of everything. Life is everywhere....But if I want to discover the source, then I have to say it is in the heart. Inside the heart we find the life-breath, and inside the life-breath is God’s Will."

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Film brings Buddhist nuns’ story out of the shadows

After a 20-year career as a still photographer, Marin’s Heather Kessinger makes her filmmaking debut with "In the Shadow of Buddha," a documentary that takes viewers into the seldom-seen world of Tibetan Buddhist nuns in northernmost India. While beautifully photographed, it doesn’t paint a completely pretty picture.

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Chinese Copper Mine In Afghanistan Threatens 2,600-Year-Old Buddhist Monastery

In Mes Aynak in Afghanistan, archeologists are excavating a 2,600 year-old Buddhist monastery. Because the second biggest copper mine of Afghanistan is located beneath the archeological site, Chinese investors are eager to start digging. The archeologists in charge of the works are affraid they wont have sufficient time to fully preserve the site.

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Zen and the art of facing the Demons

New play "Ambush on T Street" explores the myth of isolation, the journey toward connection.

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One of the World’s Largest Book on Display in Miami to Honour the Dalai Lama

The King Library on Miami University’s campus has put on display the largest book in the world as part of its special collection.

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China — Millenium-old buddhist temples see daylight once more

The Xinjiang archaeological team from the Institute of Archaeology under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences launched archaeological excavations at the Tianfo Site in Damagou Town of Cele County in the city of Hetian, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region on Aug. 22.

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