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The Buddhist masterpiece is on display in Hong Kong

A 500 year-old thangka is just one piece of a treasure trove of Buddhist art that will be on the auction block in New York next month. The works are currently on display at Bonhams in Hong Kong.

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Circle of Wisdom: A Tibetan Buddhist Mandala

The Phen Dhe Ling Tibetan Buddhist Association will be hosting the creation of a Buddhist Mandala from October 11 to 18, 2014 at its centre in Perth.

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Goryeo Buddhist paintings are ’resting place’: Ven. Hyedam

She’s not one to count how many hours she spends re-creating Goryeo Buddhist paintings, because for her, it is a way of practicing Zen.

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South Korea’s Rapping Nuns Lay It Down At Buddhist Prayer Competition

In case you needed any more reason to believe that nuns are the coolest people (and this, this and this didn’t convince you) then look no further. South Korea has some amazing Buddhist nuns ready to win your heart — and they can rap like no one’s business.

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Buddhist Art of the Himalayas Show in Pasadena

A new art exhibit in the Los Angeles area presents a detailed look at Himalayan Buddhist art. The show, entitled In the Land of Snow: Buddhist Art of the Himalayas, opens this weekend at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena. The exhibit runs until August 25, 2014.

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1400-year-old Buddhist temple discovered in China

A 1,400-year-old Buddhist temple, built during the Northern Qi Dynasty, has been discovered in north China’s Shanxi Province, which archaelogists say may help shed light on the early Buddha carvings.

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Myanmar Buddha sculpture returns home after wild ride

An 11th-century Buddha was returned to Myanmar after two decades abroad. Several Southeast Asian countries - including Myanmar and Cambodia - are trying to reclaim cultural artifacts.

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Famed Buddhist temple going global

The Shaolin Temple, known as the cradle of Chinese kung fu, is preparing to stage its first cultural festival in the United States as part of efforts to expand its global clout.

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Film on Buddhism’s journey across Asia to be screened in Delhi

Noted art historian Benoy K. Behl will screen a documentary titled Culture of Compassion: Buddhism in India and ASEAN countries at India Habitat Centre in Delhi on Sunday.

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Japanese Art and the Warrior Monk: Benkei, Buddhism and power of the Shinto faith

Saito no Musashibo Benkei was born in 1155 and passed away in 1189. However, despite passing away relatively young he left a lasting impression which continues today in modern Japan.

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