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Bee-keeping : a true rural economy

In 1956, the Indian government formed a public law organization, the Khadhi and Village Industry Commission (KVIC). This organization aims at planning, promoting, facilitating, organizing and helping to create and develop khadi village industries in rural areas.

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Buddhism for the betterment of Israel

The founder of Bhavana House based in Tel Aviv argues for Buddhism and how it can help to regain a more compassionate, kinder Israel. Speech originally delivered at the United Nations Day of Vesak, Bangkok on April 30, 2015.

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Sister of Charity

Buddhist nun has built the biggest charity in the Chinese world.

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Help for Nepal

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, financial help is urgently needed to relieve the distressed. Sakyadhita France wishes to take part in helping immediately as well as in long-term reconstruction and development programs.

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India swaps ice for rice in new bucket challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has morphed into a considerably warmer and drier alternative in India.

Enter the "Rice Bucket Challenge."

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Show of solidarity with Buddhist monks

With the Buddhist Support Society under assault from repeated acts of vandalism, community groups, neighbors and the police gathered at the temple Thursday night to show solidarity and offer suggestions to help stop the attacks.

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Tibetans in India protest against Chinese educational reforms

The Tibetan community in exile in India hast started protests after the Chinese government announced educational reforms in the beginning of november. The reforms will ban the Tibetan language out of schools in the Tibetan region.

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NY Students demand freedom of language in Tibet

New York, October 21st – Around 60 students and Tibetan community members gathered in NYC’s busy Union Square to send a message of solidarity to the thousands of Tibetan students who have protested for “Equality of Race and Freedom of Language,” this week in Tibet.

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Amnesty asks students to send message of home to Burmese activists

Amnesty International is asking students across Scotland to add extra cards to their Christmas list this year to support three Burmese activists and others across the globe who have faced human rights abuses. As part of the annual Greetings Card Campaign, Amnesty is encouraging people to send a card to individuals or organisations who are either in danger or unjustly imprisoned.

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Tzu Chi sends eco-friendly blankets to Pakistan as aid

A Taiwanese Buddhist charity is helping disaster victims stay warm - and eco-friendly - with fleece blankets made from recycled plastic bottles.

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