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Buddhism in Sri Lanka

According to the Sinhalese tradition, Buddhism took root in Sri Lanka with the arrival of Ashoka’s son Mahinda and his six companions. Sent as missionaries by the Mauryan emperor, these travelers converted King Devanampiya Tissa and many of the nobility.

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Mustang - An ancient kingdom on the threshold of change

Mustang has acquired a Shangri-La-like reputation because of the pervasive influence of Tibetan culture (it is known as "Tibet outside the Tibetan border") and the fact that it remained closed to foreigners until 1991.

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Zhengzhou: Between peace and physicality, there is Shaolin

Chinese emperors dubbed Shaolin Temple the First under Heaven and blanketed in the first snowfall of winter it truly looks otherwordly. The temple is built on Mt Shaoshi and when we arrive night is falling and snow is thick on the ground. Ice covers the little stone footbridge tourists cross to enter the main grounds, though this late in the day there are very few people around.

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India — Journey of Buddhism to Asia’s Northern Frontiers

The northern-most frontiers to which the Indic philosophy of life travelled were Buryatia in Siberia and Mongolia

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A rock garden for Kek Lok Si

THE magnificent Kek Lok Si temple will soon see an added attraction – a landscaped rock garden.

Temple trustee Datuk Steven Ooi said the state government had earmarked a 2.8ha plot of land at the foot of the Air Itam hill for the project.

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Japan - 108 temples to establish pilgrimage route

OTSU, Japan — More than 100 Buddhist temples in Shiga Prefecture of various sizes and sects are cooperating to establish a pilgrimage route around Lake Biwa in September.

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Orissa, India - Pilgrimage to a Buddhist past

Orissa, India — Orissa, a state in northeastern India, is an exotic and exciting secret that’s only now being unveiled - thanks to the phenomenal range of Buddhist artefacts that have recently been unearthed there.

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Kek Lok Si Temple Penang - the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia

The temple receives huge amounts in donation from the rich Chinese community in Malaysia who worship there and are very much particular about their culture and civilization.

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Vietnam - Spiritual spaces on offer in Nha Trang

Travelling to Nha Trang city offers tourists not only a beautiful view of the coast, but pagodas dedicated to preserving the country’s ancient Buddhist traditions.

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Tigers at Thai Temple Drugged Up or Loved Up?

Deep in the heart of Western Thailand, where the River Kwai weaves through the rich green jungle, the monks of the Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua Temple are beginning their day. They walk through the town and collect alms from the locals. But back at the temple for breakfast and prayers, it’s clear that this Buddhist monastery is like no other, for this handful of monks live with some of the deadliest animals in the world.

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