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Enso - The 4 Elements

This is an Enso of fire, air, earth, and water. A circle is made of branches, lit on fire and extin-guished with water. The circle of fire is transformed into a circle of water/steam and air/smoke. Black charred wood and ashes remain.

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Giant Buddha of Phuket - Is this the world’s largest Buddha statue?

Sitting serenely atop a quiet hilltop in the centre of Phuket - its presence a stark contrast to the unrelenting hustle and bustle of the hectic resort island surrounding it, is a towering and partially completed giant Buddha.

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Stupas - Buddhist Art in ancient Sri Lanka

When Devanampiyatissa embraced Buddhism, he huilt the religious edifices in the Royal Capital Anuradhapura and in Mihintale. The first Stupa built in this island according to the Great Chronicle is the Thuparama at Anuradhapura.

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Vietnam plans biggest jade Buddha

A Vietnamese jewelry company said a team of 50 artisans will be employed to turn a 35-ton block into the world’s largest jade statue of Buddha.

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The Stupa - A 3-dimensional model of enlightenment

It is through the language of archetypal symbols that we reconnect ourselves with the primordial ground from which all human culture has sprung... Among the oldest of architectural forms, the Stupa is a universal symbol of enlightened mind, a familiar sight in all countries where Buddhism has flourished.

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Pakistan’s Turmoil Endangers Its Archaeological Treasures

In the mountains and valleys of Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province, palace ruins and crumbling Buddhist monasteries dot the hills above war-torn locations such as Mingora, Peshawar and the Swat Valley.

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Tanka artist paints his passion for Korea

Brian Barry, 64, received the Hwagwan Cultural Medal in October for his lifelong efforts to promote Korean art and Buddhism. The medal is the country’s highest honor for culture and arts.

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Ikebana - A bit of History

Ikebana is a tradition of floral art, which dates back to more than thirteen centuries. Japan received the floral art from China at the beginning of the VIIth century.

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Rare Buddhist treasures unearthed in Gobi Desert

Boxes of rare buddhist treasures burried more than seven decades have been unearthed in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, considered of high value for mongolian culture and historical studies.

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Buddhist art comes out of the closet

Once considered sacred religious motifs to be kept in a secret place, ancient Buddhist art starts to join the diverse genres of Indian heritage art.

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