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Bad Karma Beware: Meet the Kung Fu Nuns of Nepal

Every day at 4 a.m. in the Kathmandu Valley, far from the birthplace of kung fu, 200 nuns of the Tibetan Buddhist Drukpa sect are said to assemble to throw punches.

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Lindsay Lohan "turns to Buddhism"

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly turning to Buddhism to get her through her spell in prison.

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Road to peace

A group of Thai and Cambodian civic groups are working together to build peace between Thailand and Cambodia through cultural exchanges

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Seattle — A three-alarm fire consumes a buddhist temple

A three-alarm fire early Thursday morning consumed a Buddhist temple and apartments in Seattle’s International District.

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Afghanistan, the Land of the Awakened

Afghanistan has long stood at the crossroads of a number of cultural and spiritual traditions. Because of its strategic location between the Middle and Far East, it has been an important trading route and meeting place of different cultures for thousands of years.

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"Mindfulness" Meditation: A New Way to Help Diabetics?

Research is showing a certain type of meditation may help people suffering from diabetes. This stress reduction works in many different ways and provides calming strategies as well as ways to discipline the mind.

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USA — Woman sentenced in fatal DUI crash, despite buddhist vitim’s wish

A district judge rejected a victim’s family’s plea for leniency Tuesday, saying their son, a Buddhist, would have wanted the woman who killed him treated with compassion.

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Meet Brad, the bad boy of Zen Buddhism

A punk rocker whose latest book is about death, sex and divorce — it is no wonder Brad Warner is known as Buddhism’s enfant terrible, says Liam Clarke

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USA — New UC Davis study finds that practicing meditation can improve perception

The Shamatha Project, led by UC Davis researchers, the longest and most complex study of meditation ever undertaken is beginning to publish its first results after more than two years spent analyzing mountains of data.

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Différence between man and other mammal

This article is inspired by atrocities committed in name of a subjective idea: the right to prove his superiority over other, regardless of its appearance and its belonging: the other who is not me, so he doesn’t exist!

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