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Five iphone apps for the Buddhists

Here’s an article which identifies five iPhone/iPod touch apps that may be of particular interest to a specific individual or group. Enjoy!

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USA — Buddhist Monks March In Peace Protest

Two Buddhist monks are organizing peace walks throughout the Northwest over the next two weeks. They’re commemorating the 65th anniversary next month of the United States dropping nuclear bombs on Japan.

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Chinese now prefer Tibetan weddings

More and more Chinese people are now flocking to the Tibetan plateau to tie the knot in traditional Tibetan style.

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Hundreds protest against Buddha Bar in Indonesia

Hundreds of people protested in Jakarta Wednesday, July 28 against the local branch of the Buddha Bar chain, demanding its closure and saying it threatened interfaith relations.

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Interest in Buddhist religion grows on Vancouver Island

Interest in Buddhism has been increasing steadily on central Vancouver Island, says the president of the Kathok Gonpa society in Coombs, as more people "look inward" for happiness.

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Buddhist royalty picks Halifax again

The King and Queen of Shambhala — who were married in Halifax in 2006 — will have their first child some time in August.

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Than Shwe visits Buddhist sites in India

Myanmar’s reclusive military ruler Than Shwe toured one of Buddhism’s holiest shrines on Monday on a state visit to India amid protests in New Delhi and condemnation from rights groups.

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Khmer Rouge victims pray at prison before historic verdict

About 150 Khmer Rouge victims gathered at the site of a notorious regime prison for a Buddhist prayer ceremony Sunday, on the eve of the first verdict at Cambodia’s UN-backed war crimes court.

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The different faces of Buddhism: Visalia’s Obon Festival draws a vareity of backgrounds

On Obon festival, diversity was the order of the day.

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Antara Mali takes a pious turn

Antara would be seen playing a Buddhist monk in Amol Palekar’s film And Once Again. For the part, Antara has gone ahead and taken the bold step of shaving her head.

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