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Plans lodged for 22m high Buddhist temple on Salisbury Highway

A PLAN to build the tallest Buddhist temple in Australia has been lodged with Salisbury Council.

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Pay more attention to Buddhists, Rinpoche tells India

Buddhist spiritual leader Kyabje Thuksey Rinpoche has said the government should give more attention to Buddhism as its followers are along the international borders and are crucial for national security.

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Myanmar slams Time magazine’s “Buddhist terror” cover

Myanmar’s President has lashed out against Time magazine’s cover story on “Buddhist terror” for undermining Government efforts to ease sectarian tensions in the country.

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Meditation In Action: 5 Tips For Mindful Cooking

Where is your mind when you’re cooking? Is it busy planning tomorrow’s schedule as the knife moves closer and closer towards your fingers along the length of a carrot? Is the mind still wrapped up in some excitement from earlier in the day, replaying a conversation over and over again as you put the rice or pasta on to cook? When we are looking forward to the future or back to the past, then by definition we cannot be in the present.

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Monks’ luxurious lifestyle under fire

The lifestyle of some of Thailand’s more "successful" monks is again drawing criticism. The National Office of Buddhism says it has received many complaints about monks riding in luxurious cars and using brand-name items even as they are supposed to live a life of restraint and simplicity.

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Monks’ Convention in Burma Calls for Restricting Buddhist-Muslim Marriage

About 200 senior Buddhist monks convening in Rangoon on Thursday have begun drafting a religious law that would put restrictions on marriages Buddhist women and Muslim men.

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Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide to recognize the contribution that fathers and father figures make to the lives of their children.

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Sakadawa Festival — A photo report from Tibet

The Sakadawa Festival, which falls on the First Day of the Fourth Month of the Tibetan Calendar, is celebrated by Tibetan Buddhists to commemorate Sakyamuni’s birth, enlightenment and death.

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Thai PM visit Sri Lanka – a platform to align the Buddhist Nations of Asia

Thai Prime Minister Ms. Shinawatra is due to visit Buddhist Sri Lanka during the month of Wesak. The bond that Sri Lanka and former Siam (Thailand) share needs to go beyond diplomatic niceties.

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Vesak in India

Vesak is marked as a very important event in India. There are about 80 million Buddhists living in India. Most of them are in the Maharastra State, Chief Incumbent Mulagandha Kuty Vihara, Saranarth, Varanasi, Ven Dr K. Siri Sumedha Thera said.

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