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Bhutan’s Joy factor — Wealth and Prosperity on the Pursuit of Happiness

Bhutan’s wealth and prosperity is driven by a policy that focuses on the pursuit of happiness.

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Jet Li : ’the more you give away, the more you have’

As many a journalist who has met him will attest, Jet Li in the past was no easy interviewee. Although pleasant, the martial arts superstar was a man of few words, deftly sidestepping questions either with cryptic answers, stony silence or an enigmatic smile.

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The curious Case of Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama’s Scarf...

In an intriguing footnote to the inauguration last week of President Barack Obama, Buddhist web-sites have been buzzing with the story that as he was being sworn in, Obama was carrying in his pocket a kata, or ceremonial scarf, that had come from the Dalai Lama.

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Myanmar — Children exploited for less than 30 Cents a Day

They work as farmhands, waiters, on building sites and in the fishing industry. Their “wage” varies from 0.25 to 0.85 US dollars a day. According to Save the Children over 400,000 children have abandoned school.

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Reflections on Gaza and the Ritual of Mutual Destruction

Gaza is burning. The violence must end before anything else can happen. We can all think nice thoughts about right and wrong, who acted first, who acted worst. We can argue about politics — national, international, geopolitical, corporate. Whatever intellectual thread my mind pulls at quickly comes to a hopeless tangle.

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China — Religion’s Return

More Chinese people are seeking spiritual sustenance as society has grown more complex and impersonal

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UNICEF Statement on the crisis in Gaza

AMMAN, 5 JANUARY 2009 – The humanitarian crisis caused by the current violence in Gaza is hitting children and women the most. Children form over half of Gaza’s population of nearly 1.5 million and are bearing the brunt of the conflict. Being the most vulnerable part of the population, children are the first to be psychologically distressed, the most in need of medical support and the most exposed to injuries among civilians in times of conflict.

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11 December, 2008 — Poland Fetes Dalai Lama

Forget the economic crisis, forget climate change — images of an elderly, bespectacled Buddhist monk in a maroon robe have dominated Polish newspapers and television screens all week.

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar - Remedy for Terrorism

Terrorism is an act of violence that inflicts pain and suffering, and is destructive to
oneself and others. Terrorism induces fear and increases poverty, suffering and loss
of life with no apparent gain to anyone. Instead of offering or seeking solutions, terrorism
looks to destruction as an answer...

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David R. Loy — Why we love War ?

War is hell, and today more than ever. Although high-tech weapons make it a videogame for some, those same weapons make it unbelievably destructive for everyone else. Whatever valor was once associated with hand-to-hand combat has long since disappeared due to gunpowder, and the massive slaughters of the twentieth century have made it increasingly difficult to romanticize the death and misery war causes.

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