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Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Russia’s Buddhists on the Lunar New Year

Buddhist organisations in Russia are working actively together with our country’s authorities today to address important tasks such as young people’s spiritual and moral upbringing, promoting interfaith dialogue and bolstering social harmony. Much is being done to restore cultural sites and revive the traditions of religious education.”

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Religions beyond ‘isms’ - by Upinder Singh

One of the most important of these was the beginning of new devotional practices within Buddhism and Jainism and the emergence of early Hinduism. New forms of worship were accompanied by new liturgies and mythologies. Religious teachers, saints, gods, and goddesses were worshipped or venerated in the form of images within the context of religious shrines.

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The crushers of negativity

Behind this boundary formed by your diaphragm, there are always the crushers of negativity. Either they act in spraying negativity or they eat it and their appetite is insatiable.

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Do Buddhists Believe in God?

In the religion of Buddhism we don’t have a first cause, instead we have a never ending circle of birth and death.

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How does Buddhism differ from Christianity ?

If you’re interested in further reading, J. Isamu Yamamoto has written a more in-depth article on how Christians should understand and respond to Buddhism in North America ...

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Semi-nude Mary and Joseph spark outrage in New Zealand

A New Zealand church has sparked outrage by erecting a billboard depicting Mary and Joseph lying semi-nude beneath the sheets.

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Malaysia - Inter-religious Council - There’s no better time than now

THE Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has said that there’s no need to establish an inter-faith commission ...

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Buddhist Bhutan Fear Christianity Will Create Tension

THIMPHU, Bhutan — Bars, pubs and discos have become legal in Bhutan - a cause of concern for the older generation - but construction of worship buildings other than Buddhist or Hindu temples is still prohibited.

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John Penberthy - Did you inherit your Religion ?

Did you Inherit your Religion? / - "The Dalai Lama encourages people to follow the religion of the culture in which they were raised, as opposed to proselytizing Buddhism."

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Dana, the Hindu and Buddhist Ideal of Sharing

The Buddha explained that intense compassion for mankind and the love of Bodhi (spiritual awakening), sustain and inspire a bodhisattva towards heroism, just as worldly men are inclined to enjoy sensual pleasures even when their bodies are burning with fever...

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