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Biography of His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, was born at Marktl am Inn, Diocese of Passau (Germany) on 16 April 1927 (Holy Saturday) and was baptised on the same day. His father, a policeman, belonged to an old family of farmers from Lower Bavaria of modest economic resources...

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American Jewish Family builds Mosque in Cambodian Village

The mosque opened on May 9. It can accommodate about 200 people and replaces a tiny building on wood stilts that held only 30 worshippers.

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Nepal to Recognise Buddhist and Muslim Religious Schools

Hundreds of Muslim and Buddhist schools want to join the public school system after the government signalled its intention of recognising religious schools.

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6 January - Nativity for the Armenian Apostolic Church

According to the Armenian Apostolic Church beliefs, the Nativity takes place on 6 January, at Twelfth Night.

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USA — A ’meeting of two religious streams’

Blend of Judaism, Buddhism creating harmony for some, confusion for others

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