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Introduction to Religion and Ecology - By Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim

The environmental crisis is one that is well documented in its various interlocking manifestations of industrial pollution, resource depletion, and population explosion.

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Buddhism and the Environment

When we look at the traditional Buddhist texts there seems to be very little direct reference to what would these days be called environmental or ecological ideas. As we imaginatively enter the world in which the Buddha lived and taught, the reason for this becomes clear.

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Earth Day 2014: Tips for a greener world

On this Earth Day, let’s take 10 new pledges and participate in innovative green habits that help the environment.

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Planting a tree is a gesture of love for the living.

From October 15 to April 15, six months suitable for planting trees and today it becomes an emergency. The plant is the antidote to the pollution of air and soil and water, trees, flowers as we are required to live.

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Zen and the art of protecting the planet

In a rare interview, zen buddhist master Thich Nhat Hahn warns of the threat to civilisation from climate change and the spiritual revival that is needed to avert catastrophe

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Huayen Globalization Forum to be held in Taipei

The Huayen Forum of Globalization and the Seventh General Conference of World Buddhist Sangha Youth (WBSY) will take place Sep. 4-6 at the Sansia campus of National Taipei University, the organizers said Sunday.

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Recycled Island: plastic fantastic?

Plastic flotsam is the bane of the Pacific Ocean – now Dutch conservationists want to turn some of it into an inhabited island

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Dalai Lama sounds alarm over global warming amid floods

The Dalai Lama said global warming could be to blame for devastating flooding and mudslides across Asia as he offered prayers on Saturday for victims of the disasters.

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Russian Buddhists pray at their spiritual center to stop fires in the country

Buddhist priests in Buryatia pray to stop forest fires in Russia every day, press service of the Republic’s president reported on Wednesday.

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Dalai Lama concerned about global warming in cloudburst-hit Leh

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama said on Wednesday that the world needs to pay attention to the impact of Global Warming seriously and look at it as the biggest environmental issue.

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