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Active children sleep better

A new study confirms what parents have long observed: the more active children are during the day, the faster they fall asleep at night. The study also found that children who fall asleep faster tend to stay asleep for longer.

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Zen Storie - The Overflowing Tea Cup

Nan-in, a Japanese master during the Meiji era (1868-1912), received a university professor who came to inquire about Zen.

Nan-in served tea. He poured his visitor’s cup full, and then kept on pouring ...

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Buddhist Tale - The Three Fishes

ONCE on a time three fishes lived in a far-away river. They were named Thoughtful, Very-Thoughtful, and Thoughtless. One day they left the wild country where no men lived, and came down the river to live near a town.

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Buddhist Tale - Monkeys Wearing Caps

ONCE ON a time a nice young man used to travel from village to village, selling caps for a living. One summer afternoon when he was crossing some vast forested plains he felt tired and wanted to take a nap in the shade of a mango tree with many branches ...

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Buddhist Tale for Young and Old - Demons in the desert

Jataka Stoyy : Once upon a time there were two merchants, who were friends. Both of them were getting ready for business trips to sell their merchandise, so they had to decide whether to travel together. They agreed that, since each had about 500 carts, and they were going to the same place along the same road, it would be too crowded to go at the same time.

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How “Inside Out” can help your kids talk about their emotions

The hit film Inside Out will delight children and help them appreciate their emotions—even the difficult ones. Melissa Myozen Blacker offers tips for watching it together.

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Jātaka Tales - Buddhist Legends

Collections of Buddhist legends compiled at various dates in several countries; the oldest and most complete has 547 stories. They were collected before AD 400.
They give an account of previous incarnations of the Buddha, and the verse sections of the text form part of the Buddhist canon. The Jataka stories were one of the sources of inspiration for the fables of Aesop.

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How to Raise an Emotionally Resilient Child

Emotional health, says parent coach Krissy Pozatek, means accepting the full range of human emotions, both the painful and the positive. For parents who wish their children nothing but happiness, that can be difficult.

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Jataka Tale - The Story of Suparaga

"Be you, honorable sea-traders, and you, different Devas, who have your dwelling in the sky, be my witnesses. Since the time in which I first became conscious of my Self, I do not recollect, no matter how much I ponder, having injured in any respect a single living being ...

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Indian Fable - The Glow-Worm and the Daw

A JACKDAW once ran up to a glow-worm and was about to seize him.
"Wait a moment, good friend," said the worm;
"and you shall hear something to your advantage."

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