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Dhammakaya Mediation and Buddhist temple (Wat Phra Dhammakaya), Thailand.

13 September 2010, 10:06, by Snagha Nanda Mohathero.Chief abbot Noth Guara Dharman chara (...)

I am sangha Nanda Mohathreo is a Bangladeshi buddhist monk working to develop buddhist activities in Bangladesh.
I buld a new temple in my own"s temple premise.Chittagong has so
Buddhist temple but do not have buddha image to adore by the
Buddhist devotees in chittagong in Bangladesh.At this time
so many buddhist temple is vacant want of buddhist statues.
At this we need 200 humdred buddhist statues to fulfil our
vacant temple at this time.So If you have any opportunity
to provide some buddhist starues We shall able distribute
the status to the vacant temple and will be possible to fill the vacant temple.So
let me know my application for receiving buddhist statues
as soon as possible.

with dhrama love
Ven sangha nanda Mohathero.
Noth guzra Dharman chara Vihar.

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