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The shamans, the Water and the sorrows of the soul

Monday 14 September 2009

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In shamanism, the Water, the Air, the Earth and the Fire are means of the Spirit considered as power which gives the life. The water, whether it is in spraying or in dumping, it is always a blessing by the Spirit. The shamans use the water as means to eliminate the negativity which would have remained hung on in the fibres of their aura. For example, they use the water of a shower to wash their aura.

For example, they use the water of a shower to wash their aura. If you wish to have this experience: fix in height your shower head to feign the stream of a waterfall; visualize this waterfall. Your left hand is palm upward to receive the water in its hollow. Your right hand is flexible along your body. Animate your right hand of a light movement, as to shake the water which slides along your arm, let to go the water. Let leave on a continuous-flow basis the tears of your eyes.
Accept this shower, receive it to transform you. Release your old skin to welcome a new energy, as a garment which would dress you in new clothes.

In open sea, lake or course of a river; or more simply, in a perfumed bath of rose or lavender. Retain your breath, and then pinch your nose. Slide under the surface of the water as long as you can, and release slowly the air of your lungs. Redo surface, and with your new breath, accept your revival. It is the very simple exercise which relieves a sorrow of your heart either deeper, a sorrow of your soul.
Observe where from comes this water, of at top; a snow, that of a cloud and its rain either a waterfall that falls. There is a deep water of the ocean, that of the river or the lake which evaporates in mist. The water which springs from subterranean depths or it is a spring, a geyser. Accompany all this water which evaporates in cloud or disappears in the unlimitedness of a sea, to welcome a new energy, it is rejuvenating.

In thought, you are the water which evaporates; either you are the overflowing of its flood. The spreading of its delta, live it! Be this river which evaporates in fog or gives itself in the ocean which receives it; be this cloud which will release its rain!
To feel it, it is more important than to see it, because the vision can be imaginary. Enter the sensation; it is a point of departure towards other metaphysical landscapes where you are otherwise. The matrix water gave you birth; go beyond, cross its membrane to remember you that you are not only this body. Continue your identification with the water to enter the tiny of its drop which joins the cloud, or the one who infiltrates in rain into the ground rock. It is a rise upward or a penetration in the depths, downward. The water is a vehicle which can drive you very far.

The shamans use the subterranean rivers to cross the worlds of the darkness. They use the sound of the droplet to become known to their apprentices the density of their astral body; they name it membranique body because it has the appearance of an opalescent membrane.
You too, make it: let fall with a very slow rhythm, a droplet in a bowl. You are lengthened in a twilight which facilitates the looseness of your body. When a droplet falls in a bowl, you hear it and you can see it. Marry the rhythm of this droplet, put your right hand on your heart; feel the beating of your heart, and impose it this rhythm.

In the silence of your chamber, the beating of your heart accompanies the sound of drops which fall in the bowl. The rhythm of the pulsations of your astral body marries that of the drops which fall, and drops fall very slowly. The more your bowl fills up, the more the tone of every drop increases. You are only concentrated on the sound, and suddenly you see and you hear the pulsations of your membranique body. It is something completely rational, of a big simplicity and a big efficiency. The sound of the water opens you to the dimensions of it beyond your physical body.


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