Diets — What Chinese eat to relieve summer-heat

Friday 11 July 2014, by Buddhachannel China

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Chinese cooks, sharing the same perspective on heath with the Chinese medecine, believe that one’s health is related to the inner balance of the body, which can be influnced by two things : changes of the enviroment and elements we ingest from food.

So when summer comes and swamps us with wave of heat, there are some chinese diets to "put out the fire" and regain the balance.

(1) Eat bitter

Bitter melons, Kai-lans( known as Chinese broccoli), those among the most bitter of all vegetables are widely applied in China for dinner in summer . Accoring to chinese medicine, bitter melon is of the nature of coldness, effectif in reducing fever and relieving summer heat. It is also believed to help to improve eyesight and export waste products of the body.

However, it is also warned by the Chinese nutrition expert that too much bitter melons could do harm to your body. It is not adviced either for the suffer from digestive troubles to eat bitter melons rare, as it’s nature of "cold" heats the stomach.

A salad of Bitter melon with ice, braising chops with soysauce and bitter melon are two classic chinese family recipes.

(2) Eat duck

Beijing roasted duck is one of the representitives of chinese food, but in summer it is the soupe of duck meat that is recommended.

Chinese nutrition expert explains that in Chinese medicine, the meat of duck is determined to be cold too so it has the similar effect with bitter vegetables against the heat. What’s more, it also does good to viscera by enriching the blood.

Roasted ducks are not recommended for the risk of cancer arose by the smoke.

(3) Hot tea

Researches by experts from UK shows that hot tea is more efficient than cold drinks in cooling our body. As an ancient traddition, a cup of hot tea before meal is considered to be good for estomac and can promote the production of body fluid.

Our body will condition the inner temprature itself, with heat being carried out by urine and sweat,and a hot drink will stimulate the process.

Ice water, on the contrary, will do harm to the stomach and spleen, said the chinese expert Lin Liming.

(4) Vinegar

Vinegar, (Black rice vinegar mostly) is indispensable in Chinese Cuisine, with the effect to stimulate the appetite. It is offen used to fight against the inappetency because of the hight temperature. Vinegar also leads to a good digestion.

Attention : It harms to drink too much vinegar, especially for those who suffers from gastric ulcer.

Translated by Chen Yu

Source : zaobao.com

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