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Typhoon Taiwan: Aid to the vicitms, Charities one step earlier than the government

Thursday 20 August 2009

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Aug 18, 2009

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buddhist from Tzu Chi Foundation handing a gift to the police man who fights the disaster
Photo by Tzu Chi Foundation

Taipei, Taiwan — Facing the Typhoon Morakot in southern Taiwan with deadly damages, the Charity organizations have shown more efficiency in distributing financial aid to victims than the government, according to Central News Agency (CNA) from Taiwan.

Due to the complicated official procedure applicants to follow, up to date, only 35 families of hundreds of victims have recived a financial aid from the goverment, who had promised NT$1 million (US$30,488) condolence money to each families who lost their members soon after the grave flood.

The CNA critisized the bureaucratic approach to disaster of the goverment, reporting that to recived the condolence money, death certificates and the IDs of the deceased relatives of the victims are required, while many families’ documents were flushed away by the flood or are not simply available.

On the other hand, charitable organizations are playing an important role in supporting the victims by finincial helps, more efficient compared with the government.

According to CNA, the Red Cross, in respond of the government’s appeals for help Foundation started to pass out subsidies of NT$5,000 per person Monday, according to lists from emergency placement centers, and planned to support 5,400 people in three days.

CNA also praised the effeciency of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, which having been passing out subsidies of NT$5,000 to NT$10,000 since the day after the floods, according to lists obtained from township offices. Some 22,000 households have received the subsidy to date.

By Chen Yu

- Source: Central News Agency

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