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Why using meditation walking?

Friday 20 September 2013, by Buddhachannel Eng.

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Sitting still or being in lotus position are not the only way to do meditation. Meditation actually helps you to have a greater awareness, which influences your consciousness in order to be more fulfilled. Meditation is essentially an inner activity, which can be done in action.

Walking meditation defines a meditation in action

When you do walking meditation, you are using the physical, mental, and emotional experiences of walking as the basis of developing greater awareness. It can be an excellent way to reach a greater consciousness in your daily life. Thus, everyone is used to walking during the day. Walking meditation can be done even on a short distance, which gives you more opportunity to do meditation.

Woman walking by a red door

Walking meditation gives you the opportunity to stay conscious more often

As we often walk during the day, we can use this type of meditation frequently. Moreover, with the noise and the stress you find in big cities, walking meditation is an excellent way to release the pressures of modern life. This is also a real challenge since designed shop and people parading in their clothes keep on trying to catch your attention. As you stop observing all around you, you will feel all the sensations in your body and feel increasingly comfortable when you win the battle against all the distractors.

Regaining wholeness

Breaking the circle of being constantly distracted by the outside world will bring you back to wholeness and stop your unsatisfaction. Walking meditation is a true source of fulfillement. In practicing mindfulness we are “re-collecting” the fragmented parts of our psyches, and reintegrating them into a whole.

Do not hesitate to practise this type of meditation to stay conscious and to prevent you from the pressures of the society.

Thomas PRADO for www.buddhachannel.tv

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