EU to regulate cloned meat

Wednesday 24 June 2009

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Allowing to sell cloned meat in the EU has been disputed for a few years. As Japanese and American consumers can already find this meat in their plates, Europeans seem less likely to let these products come in tehir supermarkets.

On the 22nd of June, the ministers of Agriculture from the EU offer to allow cloned meat to be sold within strict counditions. This statement provoked a sharp discussion, given that the Parliament voted a forbid of any marketing of these products earlier this year. Moreover public opinion is strongly opposed to this measure.

The marketing of cloned meat came back on the front scene with the regulation project concerning « new food », which includes meat from clones, but also from first-generation descendants. The ecologist group in the European Parliament, but also national political personnalities have already criticized the measure due to the lack of results regarding this type of meat.

A calf Thus, the impact of cloned meat on human health is still unknown and creates concerns. Statistics are based on non-representative samples since populations of cloned animals are low. Some organisations point the fact that many cloned animals die quickly after their birth or contract more maladies compared with the reference sample.

Moreover, results are still difficult to interprate : statistically speaking, no real trend appears. The EFSA (European Food Security Agency) does not have a clear position on the subject and even refuse to state on the benefits aspects of cloned meat. In the United States, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) did not allow marketing of ovine meat in the US because of the lack of figures

Still clonage of animals for marketing rise ethical issues : is genetic selection dangerous or not on our societies? How selecting the best species will affect biodiversity? Should clonage be forbid based on moral purposes?

Finally, if we can not really now with the current results whether this type of meat is dangerous or not, just a little reminiscence : consuming too much red meat increases mortality risk. So try to vary your feeding.

Thomas PRADO for www.buddhachannel.tv

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