Anthem to the woman

Sunday 7 March 2010

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International Women’s Day
Dia Internacional da Mulher

Anthem to the woman

Marie DAVID-C. France
You are the life, the life of the world
you are the hand carrying the round
you are the life forever
it‘s in your womb that a child is born
You are the life, the nest, the heart
you give feeling to his values
you are still and for always
the large refuge of love
You are the life ’ and woman, and mother’
you are the source in the desert
you are the fountain which enchants
you are the belly which gives birth
You are the life of eternity
you are the hope of the whole world
you are fertile, you are roundness
you are abundance of the heart
You are the life in your combats
you are his tears, you are his joys
you are the life against death
you are the force, the comfort
You are the life on the universe
you are the center of the world
you are the sap, you are the blood
and this until the end of time!
You are the life, the life of Man
It is in you that all is born
you are beginning without end
so that mankind does not cease!
You are the life in his birth
you are the softness of childhood
you are the life in his silences
you are the Love and the Hope!!

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