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Monday 9 November 2015

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People often become vegetarians in order to lose weight or eat more healthily.A lot of research has shown that vegetarian diets are healthier than the average Western diet.Fried chicken may be delicious to eat-------but all that extra fat can damage your heart.

There are many other reasons for turning vegetarians. It could be that you cannot afford to buy meat. or maybe you just don’t like the taste of it.A large number of vegetarians choose to give up meat because they believe it is cruel to kill animals for food.They believe many animals are not allowed to live in comfort and, when they are killed, it is carried out in a very painful way.

While some vegetarians are happy not to eat animals, others take it one step further and refuse to eat any animal product.They are known as vegens and will not eat cheese, yogurt and eggs, or drink milk.Neither will they wear clothes or shoes made from animal skin,such as leather.They say that if it is wrong to kill an animal for food, it is worse to kill it for clothing.But there are some groups that go even further.

Fruitarians believe it is wrong to kill any living plant or animal.Besides refusing to eat meat, they will only eat fruit and vegetables that have not been killed when harvested.

This means they cannot take an apple from a tree: they must wait until the apple falls to the ground! Only when can it be considered dead.

Source: English Buddhism

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