Mongolian Buddhist Teacher receives Prince Clause Award

Tuesday 9 December 2008

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December 8, 2008

Ulan Bator, MongoliaThe Netherlands-based Prince Clause Award has been presented to a Mongolian Buddhist teacher.
G.Purevbat, born in Tov Aimag, has been presented the award for his work as an artist and teacher of the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition.

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purevbat with monks skulls

Purevbat has worked to revitalize Buddhism in Mongolia, which was suppressed under the communist regime. Purevbat founded a school to train artists and teachers in disciplines such as painting, sculpting, appliqué, architecture and dance. He established the Zanabazar Mongolian Institute of Buddhist Art, which sponsors exhibitions, documents historical sites and undertakes restoration projects and the re-introduction of festivals.

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Lama purevbat with a four horns goat on research work about abnormal figures of animals

He also was recognized for creating a masters course for graduates and his ongoing writing of a 23-volume series on Buddhist art theories and techniques.

The Prince Clause Awards noted, in announcing the award, “Purevbat’s fine artworks, inspirational activities and dissemination of knowledge have created a renaissance in Mongolian cultural identity and timely self-affirmation. Artist and scholar, Venerable Purevbat is honored for the rigorous authenticity of his methods and techniques, for re-establishing an important ‘un-modern’ aesthetic practice, for his dedication and generosity in fostering future generations, and for nurturing local identity through artistic tradition and culture.”

The annual Prince Clause Awards are presented to offer individuals and organizations “new opportunities and recognition,” according to the Prince Claus Fund.

Source : www.mongolia-web.com

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