The Woman is Source of Life

Monday 10 November 2008

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The woman is source of life.

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Mujeres del mundo en Florencia

If nature grants to the woman the marvellous gift to carry the life, it is that it is ready to preserve this invaluable heritage, nature is not mistaken.

The humanity forged by the history plunged in shade a share alive, creative, which bears the name of woman.

A company whatever it is cannot live healthily if it is cut down by a vital part of it even. It is thus urgent that the woman appears in the freedom of its being to assume fully the task which falls on to him.

It is not a question to make the monumental error to oppose women and men but on the contrary to invite them to reflect and act together in order to grant with our species it although it waits of all.

By the history, the man is imperfect, that a constant awakening is essential on him to pose a new glance on the destiny of humanity.

The heart, intelligence, imaginary female can innovate in all the fields.
It would be useful, for a time, that the women grant with the women, by a massive vote, a broad place in the political responsibilities, social, cultural,
main roads, international, the man alone cannot control events and we will go from catastrophes in catastrophes.

Is it to say that the man would have to finish his role ?
That it should be erased to leave room to the woman !
I say not! The adventure of the life needs of its essential presence, its experiment, its creativity, of its love.

It is an honor for man to help with the final release of the woman.
It is an urgent, pressing duty for woman to release itself.
The woman is source of life it slatterns not.

- Jean Illel
- jean.illel.free.fr

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