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Introduction of Auroville International

Tuesday 14 October 2008

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The association "Auroville International" (AVI) is a worldwide network set up with the aim of supporting the Auroville International Township in India. Founded in 1983, Auroville International has its legal basis in the Netherlands and has today member associations, affiliated groups and liaison addresses in 23 countries.

One of the main functions of Auroville International is to support Auroville in all possible ways, which includes the making of representations to national, international, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Another important role of Auroville International is to act as a channel for funds to Auroville’s projects.

A third function of Auroville International is to improve the information flow between Auroville, Auroville International and its member associations, affiliated groups and liaison addresses , and provide financial and other support to its members and associated organisations.

Auroville Symbol

The dot at the centre represents Unity, the Supreme;
the inner circle represents the creation, the conception of the City;
the petals represent the power of expression, realisation.

Auroville International is an independent organization which is founded with the aim to co-ordinate all efforts and activities outside India, in realization of the Auroville Project; to reach and find the ways and means, facilities and possibilities for this realization; and to establish an orchestrated, harmonious collaboration between all those, who are involved, or are to get involved in the various aspects of the Project. The search and the work to establish the way of co-operation, as well as the co-ordination of activities and facilities, are not meant to be restricted to a specific area, district or even country. The work shall be extended to wherever in the world a possibility in co-operation or potential facilities for any of the various aspects of the Auroville Project, could be envisaged or located.

The function of Auroville International and the scope of its activities are clearly stipulated in its chart of Organization as well as in the chart of the programme of stages and financial resources. It must be understood that A.I. does not decide about the usefulness or feasibility of projects proposed by others. A.I. can and will handle and follow up projects which are sanctioned by The Mother.

Auroville International is not competing with any of the many organizations or individuals working in groups or independently in The Mother’s Light for Auroville, and it will never intrude in their activities. It is A.I.’s purpose to arrange co-operation, or provide facilities through co-ordination of activities and possibilities. In order to be able to fulfil its aims, Auroville International has to become a healthy, serious and reliable institution. The steady, profound and dedicated work of its professional personnel, combined with the selfless, unattached efforts of its co-operators, can in a relatively short period, start to attract the serious attention and involvement of those organizations, institutions, foundations, corporations and individuals, whose assistance or co-operation is needed to realize the ideals embodied in the Auroville Project.

Thus, Auroville International is an "instrument for a physical work" with serious and tremendous tasks and obligations, all to be dealt with on a physical level, in this vast world. According to Sri Aurobindo’s instructions and teaching, order and organization in this type of work is important. As He has said: "In most physical things you have to fix a programme in order to deal with them, otherwise all becomes a sea of confusion and haphazard." or "Orderly harmony and organization in physical things is a necessary part of efficiency and perfection and makes the instrument fit for whatever work is given to it."

Therefore, Auroville International can, shall and will work only in tile limits of its established and approved framework and according to its charter and certificate of incorporation. Its work and achievements will mainly depend upon the sincerity of the co-operators in their activities, and their harmonious collaboration. No doubt, later, when the structure, aims and activities of Auroville International are understood, established and accepted by the institutions whose commitment for co-operation and assistance in the Auroville Project is indispensable, then Auroville International can gradually and progressively become more and more independent, self-sufficient and directly useful.

According to the attached chart of programme and resources, one can see the following stages in the development of A.I.

a. The preparatory stages- 1 & 2 during which the organization by careful studies tries to spread its foundations, establish its plans, finds required co-operators and the ways and means to start operation and to create the necessary resources for its development.

During this period no advertising, agitations, conferences etc. for the Auroville project or Auroville International activities, aims etc. will be necessary or useful; Auroville International will work quietly, almost as non-existent. The necessary information will be gathered and gradually exploited to establish carefully the framework and the guidelines for activities and operations. In this period no financial assistance shall or can be expected from A.I. On the contrary, it is A.I. which would need financial assistance in ways of loans, contribution or credit for its serious preliminary work.

b. The stage of Project studies and Publications- stage 3. With the preparations and adaptions made in the first two stages and by and by the strength and atmosphere created for Auroville International during the preparatory period (12 - 18 months the organization can, relying on its somewhat trained professional or semiprofessional personnel and effective co-operation of sincere co-operators, start its basic work: research, planning and collection of data, information and documents for component projects; preparation and presentation of these projects; public relations and productive financing activities. During this period, A.I. will gradually gather momentum, recognition and moral as well as the financial support necessary for its development and the activities envisaged in the fourth stage.

c. The active stage of fruition - stage 4. By this time, through the thorough and profound studies the various essential component projects will be ready for execution. Each of the numerous component projects will have a separate account. Each of these accounts will receive all contributions and income for that particular project, from which the allocated sums will be disbursed according to its established plan and budget.

The actual work of each separate project will be conducted under the direction of its project supervisor who may be totally independent of the A.I. organization.

Various industrial or other lucrative projects that A.I. has to create Or participate in, whether in the Auroville area or not, will be permanent income resources for A.I. and ultimately for the Auroville Project.

It is only at this, i.e., the fourth stage, that Auroville International becomes gradually self-supporting and able to repay loans and be of valuable financial assistance to every required step in the development of Auroville, its expansion and the progress of its Ideals. It is quite possible that at such stage A.I. will be a well established organization in the world, with adequate social and financial status in many countries to handle many of The Mother’s Ideals and intentions wherever required.

It must be understood that these stages do not constitute a rigid time-schedule. There is no need to wait until all the objectives foreseen in stages one, two and three are reached, to start the action on the various component projects. On the contrary, one must expedite the implementation of as many component projects as possible.

Auroville Charter

- 1.Auroville belongs to nobody in particular.
Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole.But to live in Auroville one must be a willing servitor of the Divine consciousness.
- 2.Auroville will be the place an unending education, of constant progress and a youth that never ages.
- 3.Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future.
Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within Auroville will boldly spring towards future realisations.
- 4.Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual Human Unity.


Auroville International is an independent, incorporated foundation.

It is preparing for presentation, the various projects which together will become Auroville.
It is coordinating all world-wide financing activities to realize these projects.
It is also the liaison and information channel for Auroville, outside India.

The Auroville flower

Hibiscus ’Hawaian’

Large single salmon-pink flower with pink center and pale pink aura,
or medium to large single flower,
each petal with subtle shades of yellow and apricot orange, light red center.


"It urges us to live at its height."

- Source:Auroville International http://www.auroville-international.org/main/start/index.html

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