Violence - We are in the new millenium...

Monday 22 March 2010

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To overcome their fears
Or to compensate for their fate
To point out the error
Of their destiny without savor
Certain young people make violence
Their socialized daily newspaper

Shouting their waitings
And their impatiences
Expressing their existences
Vis-a-vis the vacuum of humanity this silence
heart and spirit

Other young people or less young people
See in the difference
the reality of the other:
Different by its culture, its skin color
Its religion ... the cause of all their concern

Men parce “that men”
The other sex and its reality consider
Like lower, and their right to threaten it,
to attack, beat it, even to kill it
Like symbol to be able to them of possession

It is not only the act of war
Between States, tribes, clans, social or ethnic group psychological
violence exists on the work place the glance of threat and the remarks ideological
Aggressive political leaders
And of fundamentalist monks
Are also violences

To attack the other
Is a defeat:
That of the human spirit
Of listening and dialog
Other ways should be offered
With the disillusioned lives
By this dehumanized century

We are in the new millenium
He will be you a world of peace and of harmony
Instigating the planet ground
And all forms of existences:
Human, animal, mineral, vegetable…

With the determined people
To give to the word humanity
its quality of exemption from payment and solidarity
To make live the epopee
Regenerated mankind.

- from Guy Crequie

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