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Buddhism – Photography by Steve McCurry | 1985 to 2013

Tuesday 5 July 2016

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Begin: 01.05.2016 10:00 hour
End: 06.11.2016
From Sunday 1st May 2016 the World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks is presenting one of the world’s best photographers in a large-scale solo exhibition. The exhibition: “Steve McCurry. Buddhism – Photography 1985 to 2013” shows a very special facet of the famous American magnum photographer Steve McCurry – his interaction with the culture of Buddhism.


40 large format photographs Steve McCurry took on his numerous travels to China, Thailand, Myanmar, Tibet and Cambodia are on display. The World Cultural Heritage Site at the Völklingen Ironworks is beginning its major exhibition theme for 2016 on Buddha with “Steve McCurry. Buddhism – Photography 1985 to 2013” while simultaneously continuing its series of large-scale photography exhibitions.
The Asian world and the culture of Buddhism have fascinated Steve McCurry for decades. In his book “The Path to Buddha” he portrayed the spiritual world of Tibet, which through its otherness represents an the alternative world to the uniformity of the Western World.
Photo: Practicing Shaolin monks, China, 2004 | © Photo: Steve McCurry.

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