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Photos & Mantras - Ganesh Festival 2008 in Paris

Sunday 31 August 2008

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Om parvati pataye
Hara hara hara mahadev
Gajananam buta
Ganadi sevatam
Kapitha jambu
Phalacharu bhakshanam
Umasutam shoka
Vinasha karakam
Namami vigneshvara
Pada pankajam

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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard

O elephant-faced God, Ganesha,
you are served by the attendants of Shiva
and you eat forest apples and blackberries.
You are Uma’s son, the destroyer of sorrows.
I bow to the lotus feet of the remover of obstacles.

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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard

He sees, He listens,
He cares.

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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard


Om Parvati Pataye
Hara Hara MAhadev
Gajanam Buta Ganadi Sevatam
KApitha Jamba Phalacham
Umasutam Shoka Vinasha Karakam
NAmani Vighneshwara Pada Pankajam

O Elephant-faced God, Ganesha,
You are served by the attendants of Shiva
and you eat forest apples and blackberries,
You are Uma’s son, the destroyer of sorrows.
I bow the lotus feet of the remover of obstacles.

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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard


Om tatpurusaya vidmahe
Vakratundaya dhimahi
Tanno dantih prachodayat om

May we know the single tusked one
May we meditate on the one with the curved trunk
May that tusked one inspire us that knowledge and meditation of ours.

JPEG - 426.6 kb
©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard

O, GAnesha,
elephant headed one,
remove the obstacles of my live,
that are in the way of happiness.

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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard


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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard

"Om Parvati Putaaye, Hara Hara Hara Mahadev
Gajaananam Bhoota Ganaadhi Sevitam
Kapitta Jamboophaala Saara Bhakshitam
Umaasutam Shoka Vinaasha Kaaranam
Namaami Vighneswara Paada Pankajam"

Lord Ganesha is the Supreme Being with an elephant head.
Ganesha is always attended by the group of his followers (Ganas).
He loves to eat wood-apple and rose-apple fruits (Kapitta, Jamboophala).
Ganpati is the son of Goddess Uma (Parvati).
Ganesha is the destroyer of all misery and pain.
We salute to the lotus feet God.

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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard

Ganesha’s head symbolizes the Atman or the soul,
which is the ultimate supreme reality of human existence,
and his human body signifies Maya
or the earthly existence of human beings.

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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard

Ganesha and His brother Lord Subramanya (Kartikya) once
had a dispute as to who was the elder of the two.
The matter was referred to Lord Shiva for final decision.
Shiva decided that whoever would make a tour of the whole world
and come back first to the starting point had the right to be the elder.
Subramanya flew off at once on his vehicle, the peacock,
to make a circuit of the world.
But the wise Ganesha went, in loving worshipfulness, around His divine parents
and asked for the prize of His victory.

Lord Shiva said,
“Beloved and wise Ganesha!
But how can I give you the prize; you did not go around the world?”

Ganesha replied,
“No, but I have gone around my parents.
My parents represent the entire manifested universe!”

Thus the dispute was settled in favour of Lord Ganesha,
who was thereafter acknowledged as the elder of the two brothers.
Mother Parvati also gave Him a fruit as a prize for this victory.

In the Ganapathi Upanishad, Ganesha is identified with the Supreme Self.
The legends that are connected with Lord Ganesha
are recorded in the Ganesha Khanda of the Brahma Vivartha Purana.

As Retold By Swami Sivananda

JPEG - 394.5 kb
©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard

Salutations to the supreme Lord Ganesha,
whose curved trunk and massive body shines like a million suns
and showers his blessings on everyone.

Oh my lord of lords Ganesha, kindly remove all obstacles,
always and forever from all my activites and endeavors.

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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard

Aum Sri Ganeshya namah
Aum Sri Mahaganapatyé
Aum Gam Ganapatayé Namah
Aum Sri Vinayakayai Namah.

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©photo Josiane Delaporte-Digard


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© Josiane Delaporte-Digard

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