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Book — Zem, apprentice Zen-master

Friday 3 December 2010, by Zem

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This comics is the humor story of Zem.

Zem is a fledgling monk who dreams of becoming a Zen Master.
His own master, Master Tse, (« life » in the Tibetan language), has his hands full teaching this rumbunctious little imp who sometimes manages to beat him at his own game of wisdom.
Who will knuckle under first ? No one can tell, but at the end of the day a true bond has been forged between them. They stand side by side like the twin, opposing tendencies within our own «foolish wisdom».

Autor : Frédéric Baylot
Style : Humour
Format : 12x18cm (Manga)
Impression : Couleur
Pages : 40

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