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Tibetans in India protest against Chinese educational reforms

Wednesday 24 November 2010

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Monday, 01 November 2010 - Protests about the recent educational reforms in Tibet have spread through-out the exiled Tibetan community this week, as large demonstrations occur in South India and Dharamshala.

Around 1,500 students from five Tibetan schools, among which the SOS TCV school, the CST Bylakuppe, the CVP Bylakuppe and the Sera senior secondary school, took part in different demonstrations. A large petition was organised, students gave an introduction to the public about Tibet, there was a silent march and a candlelight vigil. The events on Sunday (31st October), occurred in two Tibetan settlements inside Bylakuppe, South India. However, the signature campaign is still ongoing.

In Dharamshala, school children from the Tibetan Children’s Village also undertook a candlelight vigil marching through Dharamshala to show their solidarity with the Tibetan students’ protests in Amdho. Another mass candlelight vigil was organised on the 1st November in the main square of McLeod Ganj to reiterate the support of the Tibetans living in exile. There was a screening of new photos of the protests inside Tibet.

The demonstrations follow protests inside Tibet, were more than 9,000 Tibetans have protested against the Chinese educational reforms that will see all classes taught in Mandarin instead of the native Tibetan. The Tibet Post International has learnt that during the protests that took place inside Tibet, many students and teachers were detained and anyone who had used their cameras or mobile telephones to document the events had their electronics ceased.

Source: The Tibet Post

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