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Interview — The Dalai Lama would like to retire

Thursday 4 November 2010, by Isabelle

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By Christian DuChateau, CNN
October 29, 2010

The Dalai Lama interview

The Dalai Lama is wrapping up a speaking tour of North America.
Miami, Florida, (CNN) — The Dalai Lama would like to retire.
"I’m also a human being. ... Retirement is also my right," the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet told CNN’s Hala Gorani in Miami, Florida, this week.
Without saying exactly when, he said, "Sooner or later, I have to go. I’m over 75, so next 10 years, next 20 years, one day I will go."
The Dalai Lama also said he supports recent protests in Tibet, where students marched in opposition to government plans to teach university classes in Mandarin Chinese, instead of the traditional Tibetan language.

I am spokesman for Tibetans


View online : Dalai Lama on CNN

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