Indonesian Religious Communities Protest Buddha Bar

Thursday 28 October 2010

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- A foreign bar in Indonesia is stirring controversy...members of the religious community are protesting against the name of a French bar that has just opened in Jakarta, the Buddha Bar. They say it doesn’t give proper respect to the Buddhist religion. Our correspondents have more.

About 2,000 members of the group Religious Members Against Buddha Bar held a demonstration in front of the French Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia. They are urging the French government to take firm action against the Buddha Bar.

The protestors have also demonstrated in front of Jakarta’s Congressional building, asking the Indonesian government to revoke the Buddha Bar’s permit.

Protesters say the bar’s name is not in compliance with Section 156A of Indonesian Criminal Law Codes.

Congressional member Ernawati Sugondo said that the use of the word Buddha for a bar is not in line with Indonesians values of showing respect to all spiritual beliefs.

[Ernawati Sugondo Indonesian Legislative Assembly Member]
Respect for different religions is highly regarded in Indonesia. I have contacted Buddha Bars management team about this and was told that theyve requested permission from the French headquarters for a name change.

Buddha Bar has only recently opened in Jakarta. The French restaurant/bar chain is open from 7PM to dawn.

- NTDTV, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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