Extraordinary mystery of reincarnation

Wednesday 20 October 2010

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Buddhists, Hindus and others people say: when human being acts like animal be, he reincarnated as animals. When animal behaves like human .... It might be reincarnated humans.

A true story illustrates this extraordinary mystery of reincarnation, but also a Zen story of the donkey and of the fox.

Saturday, October 16, 2010, Al-Quds University in Gaza in the morning: a young Palestinian went into a classroom to attend her course, found a chimpanzee sitting quietly on the amphitheatre chairs. The student then started screaming, alerting faculty staff.
"It entered the campus, jumped into a conference rooms, it provoked the students astonishment," said one of them. After some research, a zoo near the town confirmed that it is chimpanzee recently fled. At least it came back to its enclosure without any difficulty.

There are longer, a monk Zen felt that his life was leaving him. He wanted to get man rebirth, as seeing a young girl washing clothes in the river; he rushed at her, and pushed her to get this favour. But the girl was strong, without even thinking her knocked the monk who passed from life to death. And then, still in shock, she went to ask the Reverend of the monastery:

" The monk wanted to sow a seed of life in your womb. His persistent desire to be reborn, find only donkey waiting clothes return: and now is pregnant of him; this monk will be a donkey in his next life".

The third story is talking of fox who daily took human form and crouch in a corner of preaching room Master Hyakujo. It seemed to listen attentively to his sermon. One evening as the fox did not leave the room, the Master approached it and the fox spoke:

Hyakujo asked : "Who are you ?"

The fox replied:
"I was a human being when the Buddha preached Kashapa.
I was a Zen master and my hermitage was here on this mountain. In those days, one of my students asked me:" Man Awake Is subject to the law of causality "? I replied: "The Man Awakened is not subject to the law of causality." For this response witnessed an attachment to the absolute I became fox for five hundred rebirths, and I’m still a fox. Would you save me from this situation? Help me get out of the body of a fox. Now, let me ask you:

Does Awakened man subject to the law of causality?

Hyakujo Ekai (720-814) said: "The Man Awakened is one with the law of causality."

At these words, the old man received Awakening.

"Know I am free; thank you deeply: I’m not this fox, but it still is in the cave where I was: and I must depart this life, my body is behind this mountain. Go there you will find only a dead fox. Would you celebrate my funeral like I was a monk"? And it disappeared.
The story said that a dead fox lying in the cave

But there is another story: the one of horse that is narrated by Alexandra David-Neel:

A brave horse being the one of a very cruel man that it spared no suffering: bad litter, too heavy, bad food and the whip that bloodied its spine. Bloody and hungry, it endured its injuries without no complaint; convinced that it bad karma be origin the pain of its condition. But one day, as it staggering; in a field he saw a man his donkey beating to death.
"Really, this poor donkey is suffering more than I endure, could the Buddha have mercy of it, and take it away of that suffering!" And instantly donkey fall down and move from life to death. Of pray, it heart fills up joy; and it too was granted instantly: it fell down dead.


View online : Un chimpanze trouvé assis sur une chaise dans une classe.

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