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Difference man woman by Flora Desondes

Monday 2 May 2016

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Difference man woman

Shamans consider that human is animate by three polarities and four fundamental types of character: the bilious, the impulsive person, the phlegmatic and the lymphatic.
Even though there is no pure character, one of them is always dominant in the constituents of a personality. The human shape of a person proceeds of a mixture of these four temperaments.
If you only belonged to one of these archetypes, you could not understand the others. Sometimes, as two of these characters are dominant, this one change of mind without well defined direction; such a character is unpredictable: the popular proverb says that he sits between two chairs. It is true not only in for the human beings, but also for animals.
Each of these characters has three aspects: animus or male, anima or feminine, androgyne. These forth characters and they four polarities made twelve nuances in a single person.
At a superior level, a fourth aspect appears: the Eternal Feminine.
Religions which speak about Holy Trinity, forget Eternal Feminine: the delivery of the world which is personified by the feminine divinities.
Since the beginning of humanity, you have all types of characters, as male or female. If you want to accelerate your spiritual evolution, you must get closer to androgynous type.
The woman discovered the male she is, and the man meets the woman inside. An androgynous state, is feeling both men and women: the man remains a man and woman, a woman; but this mean for the man he experiences the feminine strength and woman a soft power.
An upper state: the Eternal Feminine means being fully really. up above personal presence of a force that puts everything in motion, the creative process of the Overriding Principle the visible world; shamans know from experience that feminine is this energy sublime: Shakti dancing the worlds for ever embraced with The Lord procreator this world..

Extrait de : Jozsef Soos of Sovar, The Shaman Ebook http://stores.lulu.com/floradesondes

Flora Desondes is an artist, sculptor, jewelry, writes about the shamanism and songwriter of rhythms and sounds shamans. Disciple of the Hungarian shaman Joska Soós who taught him his art. It’s more than twenty years fidelity to his teachings.

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