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29 juin 2016

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Hôkyôzanmai : Precious Mirror of the Samadhi

Wednesday 6 October 2010

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Hôkyôzanmai :
Precious Mirror of the Samadhi

Reality as like Buddha is,
Buddha’s patriarchs have touched Her in secret.
Now that you’ve got,
I beg you, keep Her intact.

Like a silver bowl covered with snow,
Or a crane hidden in the glare of the moon,
Things look like it without being equal.
Even taken together, we know where they are.

Her meaning is not in words,
It evolves over circumstance.
Touched, and here you are at the bottom of a hole.
In contradiction, and you’re hesitant.

Move away or touch:
Both wrong.
Neither one nor the other, mustn’t be
She is as massive fire.

Express with elegant words,
And it gets dirty
The middle of the night brought forth in full,
And it fainted at dawn

She is the norm that governs things,
Use Her to abolish suffering.
Even if She is not conditioned,
Words do not fail to speak about.

Just like your face and their reflection
Each one seeing them in a precious mirror
You’re not Her,
But She is you

She has five brands of a newborn
Who does not go nor coming,
Who does not rise or remains in place.
And with the chatter, phrase or not,
Finally gets nothing:
The speech is not yet right.

She interacts as the hexagram "Fire",
These scripts we arranged,
And which superimposed, give three,
Become five when they are swapped.

She embraces the wonderful Interdependence
In the world of the infinite things variety,
Like Shiso grasses have five tastes,
Like sceptre diamond.
She is the accompany drum
The sing is in unison

She passes through the beginning,
She runs through the path,
She fits in any area,
She slithers through any means of access.

If we take great care to respected Her,
Prophecy will be happy.
Nothing can be opposite
Her things order

Mysterious in Her natural state,
She is neither an illusion nor enlightenment.
According to causes, conditions and opportunities,
She shines in silence.
So slim, She get into where no fissure
So great, She exceeds all limits.
However, from the tiniest gap,
We are outside Her harmonic.

Today there are
Sudden awaken, and gradual enlightenment.
Religious systems appear,
And, therefore, divide.
Immediately, they are standards.
Those religions that follow these standards,
Come to apprehend or not,
Reality pursued Her course.

Quiet outside, vibrating within,
Like a horse or a rat lurking hampered,
Buddhas of the past were moved to pity,
Offering Reality of the Buddha,
Offering the Dharma that leads to the other side

Of because to follow the misconceptions,
You take the black silk for the unbleached.
But these misconceptions once between-destroyed,
Exhausting the false thoughts,
Your mind is opening up to be transform.

If you aspire to follow the old trail,
I beg you contemplate the former wisdom,
As this Buddha who, on the verge of achieving his enlightenment,
During ten eons gazing tree.

Of that misery life,
That of be the treasure Buddha Nature open
Like the missing ear of a tiger,
Like white markings of a horse

His miracle is that even the obtuse beings are affected by
As by Yi his perfect flying arrows from a hundred paces.
And if a spear reaches his arrow in flight,
Is achievement is it invalidating?
A barren woman gets up to dance
When a booby sings,
There, neither feeling, nor conscious.
Better! Did she even need to think about it?

A vassal serves his lord,
A son obeys his father.
Do not obey is not be a good son,
Do not serve, is does not help.

The practice of Buddha patriarchs
Daily, seriously and without ostentation
In ordinary behaviour
Silly seems and absurd.
Yet the fact that it is perpetuated
By perfect mutual transmission,
Her name was "sovereign among sovereigns."

- Free translation from the French text of Kengan D. Robert

Tozan Ryokai Chinese name Liang-Chieh de Tung-shan (807-869), named also Tung-Shan ou Dongshan Liangjie (Ch.洞山良价).

38th Patriarch, 11th since Bodhidharma. Dharma successor of Ungana Donjo (781-841). It is said that he obtained enlightenment as he spent a wading he saw his reflection in the water.

Tozan Ryokai is at the root of the Soto school with his disciple Sozan. Author of Hokyozanmai (Samadhi * precious mirror) and the theory go i (five degrees of enlightenment) that will develop Sozan his disciple.
Hokyozanmai is speaking about of pure consciousness during Zazen: Zanmai, Samadhi. The precious mirror, including form and the no formed, reflects all phenomena of the cosmos that come and go freely, intangible. The precious mirror of samadhi is the awakening of the mind Buddha nature of all existence. This song is recited by the monks in the temples in the morning, alternating with the Sandokai.

Tosan Ryokan studied Vinaya before meeting Master Nansen and Master Isan. Disciple of Master Ungana Donjo, he received the transmission before he stays on Mount Tozan, where he preached the Dharma until his death.

His main teaching: watch in yourself, do not search out side, maintain you spirit free from any concept.

View online : Hokyozanmai

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