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Australia : defence of our ocean wildlife

Thursday 16 September 2010, by Isabelle

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We must speak out in defence of our ocean wildlife. The public comment period closes this Friday, 17th September at 5pm (AEST).

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Now two of the state’s richest and most spectacular marine parks - Jervis Bay and the Solitary Islands - are under review and under attack. The next review will not be before 2020, so this is the last chance for a decade to secure the future of these marine parks.
The NSW government’s Marine Parks Authority is attempting to increase protection for these beautiful places, but is getting inundated with protests from the anti-parks lobby.
We must speak out in defence of our ocean wildlife. The public comment period closes this Friday, 17th September at 5pm (AEST).
What’s at stake?
Solitary Islands Marine Park
On the mid north coast of NSW lies the Solitary Islands Marine Park. With its deep blue seas and sandstone cliffs, the region is a haven for sea turtles, anemones and grey nurse sharks, the critically endangered, gentle sharks that are poised at the edge of extinction as a direct result of fishing pressure.

This grey nurse has deep cuts from a fishing line wrapped around its body and a hook
embedded in its gills. Research shows that over a third of grey nurses have visible hooking injuries.

Over a third of the wildlife in the Solitary Islands is endemic to Australia’s oceans. The marine park is a shelter for several threatened shorebirds, manta rays, giant anemones, wobbegongs and endangered loggerhead turtles.
AMCS pushed for the original protection of the park in 1998 and we need to push again. We can’t get there without you, the good people who defend our ocean wildlife.
Jervis Bay Marine Park Further down on the south coast, 200kms past Sydney, lies Jervis Bay, a place renowned for its long white beaches and crystal clear seas. Treasured for its extensive sea grass meadows, dolphins, turtles and undersea caves, Jervis Bay needs our help again.

Jervis Bay is a haven for divers, boaties, snorkellers and swimmers.
AMCS defended this beautiful bay from a major industrial waste disposal development in the early 70s. We’ve been central to its protection during the decades since and must again speak out for this outstanding part of underwater Australia.

The NSW government’s proposed zoning changes don’t go far enough to protect vital reef habitats and critical habitats for grey nurse sharks.

The protective zonings for both the Solitary Islands and Jervis Bay marine parks are under review and anti-park lobbyists are fighting hard to reduce the proposed protection in these parks.

We must speak out in the next few days and send a strong message to the NSW government that the parks need further protection.

Deadline for submissions is 5pm (AEST) this Friday 17 September.
Please act today, and tell your friends. Thank you as always for your support.

- For further information see www.mpa.nsw.gov.au

View online : AMCS

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