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12th international day for the remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition

Monday 23 August 2010, by Buddhachannel Eng.

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Initiated in 1998 under the leadership of UNESCO, the International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition is a moment of commemoration observed around the world.

For this 12th edition, a series of events organized in different regions to mark this celebration, helping to inscribe the tragedy of the slave trade and slavery in the memory of all peoples.

"The Slave Route Project is a highly ambitious initiative with its sights set resolutely on the future, to the extent that it contributes in the long term to enhancing mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue. The challenge of “living together” in our multicultural societies implies recognition of each person’s history and memory, and at the same time the sharing of a common heritage, in order to transcend past tragedies."

"On the occasion of this International Day, I invite all UNESCO’s partners, including national authorities, international and non-governmental organizations and civil society, to provide opportunities for exchange and reflection that place emphasis on the beneficial effects of cultural diversity, recognizing the importance of the continuous transfers and exchanges among cultures and the links established since time immemorial."

-  Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO.

Source: UNESCO

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