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Being a buddhist in today’s troubled world

Tuesday 12 July 2016

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No matter if the weather is good or not,
No matter if the crisis is heavy on our shoulders,
No matter if paradise exists on earth.
It doesn’t make our life a hell either.

These notions of paradise and happiness, of hell and sufferings
Only depend on our vision and on the way we live.
Our mind focused on problems brings sufferings.
In order to have a good life, let’s be happy, but not in an egocentric way.
We must be happy through a light transmissible to others.
A personnal happiness reached by solitude
Only reveals a great sadness disguised in a restless wandering time.

Let’s be happy, but let’s keep looking at the others at the same time.
If this happiness inhabits us, let’s share it for the greater good.
If suffering is imposed to us, let’s share this difficulty so that other people can avoid it.
Facing the unhappy, let’s be present,
But by suggesting him to look on the bright side of the situation.

To help others,
Let’s start by accepting a genuine happiness for ourselves.
Happy serenity which is not shared loses its strength.
Let’s share it with people close to us.
And let’s dedicate it to all the people we do not know.

If each one of us foccuses on the quality of the present moment in our own personal space
If we do so with ourselves, with our partner, our children, and our coworkers
If combined positive energies of our own personal spaces open to everyone,
Then the world will change by an unavoidable logic of causes and effects.

Being a buddhist purifies our life, our aims and our desires.
Litlle moments of happiness fully lived,
Grow in a daily, pragmatic and open buddhism.

The dharma exists under many different forms,
More austere or more dogmatic,
More scholar or more meditative.
None of these paths are opposed to each other,
They can be lived jointly.

So whatever aspect our search has,
Let’s be happy, let’s show this light and let’s share it with others.

With all our hearts, we are with you.

Josiane et Alain Delaporte-Digard, Founders of Buddhachannel
Translation by Brice Andlauer

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