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“Soliloquy in Tibet” — By Anne Park

Friday 25 June 2010

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“Soliloquy in Tibet”
By Anne Park
Aventine Press, 2010

“What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?”

Although everyone asks these questions from time to time, not many people truly think about them and contemplate the answers. At age 23, Maya is among the few who really want to know why we were put on this planet. Originally from Hong Kong but studying in Tibet, the philosophy student becomes restless and unsettled as she struggles with the purpose of her existence.

Maya becomes disturbed when she and her friends attempt to see their future souls. Having tried several times in the past, but coming up unsuccessful, the group sees the activity as nothing more than a game. The game is no longer fun for Maya when she not only sees her future soul, but sees herself as a Buddhist monk.

Questioning the consequences of seeing into one’s future, Maya embarks on a journey that is nothing less than a roller coaster of emotion filled with love, loss, and heartbreak. With each leg, she faces challenges — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Despite everything that she goes through, Maya remains strong and doesn’t lose faith or abandon the commitments that she made to herself and others, no matter how much she is tempted to do so.

“Soliloquy” will open your mind. Although the story probably won’t make you want to convert to Buddhism, it will definitely open your mind. If you haven’t already done so in the past, this short novel will have you considering the possibility of soul mates, reincarnation, fate, and destiny.

Readers will also begin to ask the same questions that Maya has about the meaning of life and the purpose of our existence. The more contemplative we become about our lives, the more mindful we become about our actions, which can only be a good thing.

Source: Northwest Asian Weekly

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