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Meditate and create: iPhone app draws kaleidoscopes while you listen to music

Wednesday 16 June 2010

Langues :

These intricate ‘cosmic doodles’ are the creation of an iPhone app inspired by Tibetan Buddhism.

The Melodala combines symmetrical drawing with relaxing music to produce the kaleidoscopic designs.

The doodles, which are created using 35 colours and 12 brushes, can then be used as screensavers, emailed or printed off.

Melodala is based on the ancient Mandala, a concentric diagram used by Tibetan Buddhis Monks as a creative aid to meditation, healing and trance induction.

Often constructed from sand, they are believed to encourage purification and healing.

Monks construct Mandalas as a form of meditation over the course of days or even weeks.

Once completed, the Mandala is consecrated, before being swept away and dispersed into flowing water in a symbolic gesture of the impermanent nature of existence.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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