Cher, a Buddhist ‘who should always be in after-school detention’

Thursday 10 June 2010, by Buddhachannel USA

Langues :

"I am a Buddhist,” says Cher with characteristic self-deprecation, “who should always be in after-school detention.”

Indeed. And it is precisely that irrepressible mix of spirituality and spunk that makes the singer-actress’s spectacular new duplex, perched high above Los Angeles, as gloriously original as its owner.

“My houses,” she muses, “are passions.” They are also decorative barometers of the current state of her never-boring, ever-expanding consciousness. “I’ve played around with Buddhism for years,” continues the actress, a devotee of the American Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön (“a genius in Sheldon Leonard’s body,” she quips). “As corny as it sounds, the soul of the universe, everything that I need, I can find in its practice.”

So it wasn’t surprising when, snapping up two floors and 4,000 square feet in one of Los Angeles’ hottest buildings, Cher turned to friend and interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard to help her conjure up “something ethnic, spicy and romantic”—albeit in creams, ivories, whites and buttery beiges. “Though I loved collecting Gothic and can spend hours drawing with every shade of Pantone pen, I prefer a neutral palette, especially in my bedrooms, because the colors are so easy to live with.”

Source: architecturaldigest.com

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