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400 Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka in short of monks

Wednesday 9 June 2010

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Sri Lanka Prime Minister and Minister of Religious Affairs D.M. Jayaratna says that out of the 10,346 Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka over 400 are in short of monks to conduct day to day religious activities of the laymen.

He revealed these facts addressing a religious function held in Makumbura ancient temple in Kottawa in Colombo district.

Many of the temples in the Northern and Eastern Provinces have been closed as a result of lack of Buddhist monks. The Prime Minister said that the shortage of Buddhist monks would ultimately lead to decay in the Buddhism in the island.

The Prime Minister said that a programme will be launched to ordain 2600 children as novice monks next year to mark the 26th centenary of Lord Buddha’s passing away as a remedy to the shortage of Buddhist monks.

Source: www.colombopage.com

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