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Won-buddhism today

Friday 4 June 2010, by Buddhachannel Asia

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There are 15 dioceses, about 550 temples, and 180 organizations nationwide in Korea. Overseas, in 14 countries, there are 5 dioceses, 51 temples, and 9 organizations which actively carry out the missions and is reaching 1,400,000 followers. Won-Buddhism is developing various activities to build a peaceful global village in which mindfulness practice and study, training for cultivating the original nature of the mind, the movement of the NGOs, reunification, planting grace, and recovery of spirituality for society are encouraged.

Internationally, as a member of the United Nation of Religion’s (NGO), WCRP (World Conference on Religion and Peace), WFB (World Fellowship of Buddhists), and ACRP (Asian Conference on Religion and Peace), IARF (International Association for Religious Freedom), IIC (International Interfaith Centre), and Temples of Understanding, Won-Buddhism has joined in opening the era of international inter-religious cooperation. In WCRP, WFB, and ACRP, Won-Buddhist clergy are acting as co-representatives.

Laypeople of Won-Buddhism, in the spirit of public service, voluntarily institute citizen organizations and develop active movements in the field of environment, reunification of Korea, human rights and education.

Furthermore, in order to carry out the ideology of their social mission, Won-Buddhist Nongovernmental Organizations work with the domestic organizations which play active parts. Such organizations include the Citizen’s Coalition for Economic Justice, Amnesty, Korean Sharing Movement, Korean Council for Reconciliation and Cooperation, Civil Coalition for Fair Election and various NGOs (nongovernmental organizations)

Source: www.wonbuddhism.info

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