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Feng Shui for the bathroom, by Merlyn Seeley

Wednesday 19 May 2010, by Buddhachannel Eng.

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When Buddhism first reached China, it soon absorbed Feng Sshui principles combining it with its own practices. The historical Buddhism temples, most located in the famous mountain in China, are all built with the idea of Feng Shui in mind.

When we think of the bathroom we think of the element of water and probably the color blue which is the color generally associated with water. The reason this is true is because as with every room in the home either yin or yang will rule the room, for the bathroom yin is its aura so it is in fact a water room.

As a review I will list the aura’s of each room, keep in mind that Yin is seen as male and yang is seen as female this in turn gives way to yin being associated with primary colors of blues, green, red etc. And yang being associated with secondary colors or soft relaxing colors, so this is the review list:

Living room: yang
Kitchen: yang
Bedroom: yang
Hallway: yin
Dining room: yang
Bathroom: Yin
Den room: Yin
Male child room: yin
Female child room: yang

Mostly the rooms where you would normally expect to relax in a quiet calm atmosphere would be painted soft, warm secondary colors (lavender, rose, yellow, sea green, pink) So with that review I will talk about the bathroom.

Keep in mind that the bathroom mirror reflects what ever it’s directly across from therefore the belief is it multiplies what’s reflected. Some things don’t need to be multiplied and some do. For instance you wouldn’t want the trash can or toilet reflected so keep the mirror from reflecting those two.

Ideally the bathroom door should always be closed to prevent good chi from the home “draining away” through the drains in the bathroom and from sha chi escaping from the toilet into the home. The bathtub/shower curtain and toilet seat should also remain closed for the very same reason. In all actuality the bathroom needs to be as unnoticeable as possible.

Clutter should be completely avoided; the bathroom is already a “dirty” room and should be kept very clean. Drains in the sink should be kept covered to prevent good chi from escaping as well.

The window of the bathroom should always be covered or blurred because again the bathroom should be unnoticeable. Never place electronics or lamps in the water room, these items are of metal and fire origin and have no place in the bathroom.

The types of decorations should be along the lines of plant life, water, marine life or pastel paintings. The bathroom should be well lit with bright lights and bright pastel colors. Dark colors have no place in the bathroom including red which conflicts with water. Corners in the bathroom should be kept unrestricted to prevent the buildup of stagnant chi. Follow these guidelines to create a healthy environment in your bathroom and home.

Author : Merlyn Seeley

Source : www.examiner.com

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