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Om Mantra for Meditation and Yoga

Friday 19 September 2014, by Buddhachannel Eng.

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Using Om, (also known as aum,) as a mantra for meditation creates a vibrational sound that represents three states of consciousness. These are waking, dreaming, and deep sleep, which can also be viewed as the unconscious.

Tibetan Om

In Tibetan Buddhism, it is common to chant mantras. The most popular mantra is "Om mani padra hum." This is Sanskrit for "O, Jewel of the Lotus, Hum." The word om is drawn out and pronounced ah-oo-mm. Used also in Sufi meditation, mantras gained popularity in western culture when Transcendental Meditation was introduced.
Om Meaning

Om is the sound of life which resonates throughout the universe. In the mantra "Om ah hum," om represents the body, ah is for speech, and hum is for the mind. It is believed by chanting this over and over again, any negativity in the mind and body will be eliminated and spiritual power can be manifested.
It is said that chanting om creates spiritual light and allows practitioners to reach higher states of consciousness.

Aum Yoga

Yoga combines the stillness of the mind through meditation, along with physical poses to achieve energy balance in the mind and body. Chanting aum or om while practicing yoga helps one to connect with their self, while connecting with a divine reality. The symbol of om itself lends itself to supreme consciousness. More information about yoga can be found in the article The Benefits of Yoga and How it Helps Healing.

Meditation Mantras

Om or any meditation mantra can be chanted one of three ways. They can be silent, semiverbal, or verbal. When meditating alone, it is believed that silently chanting yields the best results. However, in a group situation, semiverbal allows for creating powerful vibrations.

Source : meditation.suite101.com

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