Allure of Zhejiang, China

Wednesday 5 May 2010

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The Qiandao Lake has more than a thousand islands.

With its picturesque landscapes and rich culture, Zhejiang province is a favored destination for millions of tourists each year from both home and abroad.

With 18 national-level scenic spots, the most in the country, and hundreds of resorts, it hosted nearly 250 million visitors in 2009.

Zhejiang tourism attractions :

West Lake

Held in the embrace of nearby peaks, the lake and its surroundings have all the elements of a traditional Chinese garden but on a much grander scale. Top scenic spots include Lingyin Temple and Leifeng Pagoda.

Qiantang tide

The word Zhejiang is the ancient name of the Qiantang River whose roaring tide - up to 8 m high - is such a spectacle that only the Amazon River tidal surge rivals it.
Each year millions of people come to watch the phenomenon on the eighteenth day of the eighth lunar month. Yanguan town in the city of Haining is the best place to view the wonder of nature.

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Ceremonies in Lingyin Temple are popular as visitors learn about Buddhism, which still flourishes in China today.

Qiandao Lake

The name Qiandao Lake, located in Chun’an county, means a thousand islands, but its actually has 1,078 islands and a few thousand smaller isles.
With over 90 percent of its surroundings covered in forest, the lake is also noted for its splendid scenery and crystal clear water.
Its more popular attractions include Bird Island, Snake Island and Monkey Island.

Mount Putuo

Sitting on an island in the city of Zhoushan, Mount Putuo is of one of four sites in the country held to be sacred by Buddhists.
Putuo is home to many temples and monasteries that attract monks and nuns from all over the country and abroad, who come to live and practice their religion.

Mount Mogan

Mount Mogan in the county of Deping is known for its cool temperatures during summer.
Long a favored destination for tourists from Shanghai, it offers a rustic experience with a mix of local inns and old villas built early in the 20th century.

Wuzhen and Xitang

The ancient towns of Wuzhen and Xitang, in Tongxiang and Jiashan can truly be called picturesque - they are the subjects of many renowned Chinese painters.
Now popular for their tranquil ambience and scenic beauty, both towns are also famed for old-fashioned stone bridges and well-preserved buildings from ancient times.

Author : Yang Yijun (China Daily)

Source : http://www.chinadaily.com.cn

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