Vietnam to get $500 mln Buddhist tourism complex

Thursday 15 April 2010

Langues :

The US’ Royal Star International Westin Incorporation and Hong Kong’s HBI International Investment group Monday signed a financial deal with the Viet Lotus complex’s developer, ATS Investment Joint Stock Company.

The 700-hectare complex will come up on the Yen Tu Mountain, Buddhism’s holiest site in Vietnam, around 120 kilometers from Hanoi, Vietnam News Agency reported.

It will have a 472-hectare high-end service area called “Golden Lotus” whose main feature will be a 3,500-seat convention center for international and local Buddhist events, Dau Tu (Investment) newspaper reported.

The convention center will be surrounded by gardens, zen houses, five-star hotels, villas, and other accommodation for Buddhist dignitaries designed in feudal Vietnamese architectural style.

The 166-hectare “Silver Lotus” zone will include hotels, villas, craft villages, traditional markets, and an area dedicated to traditional performing arts.

The complex is scheduled for completion in 2015.

Source : http://vietnewsonline.vn

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