Seoul (South Korea) - Lotus Lantern Festival 2010

Thursday 8 April 2010

Langues :

The Lotus Lantern Festival held in the Jongno area is one of Seoul’s landmark traditional festivals. The time-honored festival which originates from an exciting tradition of Gwandeongnori has been keep alive throughout the entire 600-year history of Seoul.
Every year, commemorating the Birth of Buddha, the festival starts on April 8th in the lunar calendar. During the event, visitors can further delve into the mystic Korean Buddhist Culture through a variety of magical events and hands-on experiences.

The festival starts with the lighting of the mega-sized Jangeomdeung (Grand Light) which is located in Seoul Plaza and symbolizes Buddhism and the birth of Buddha. A series of other lotus lantern events follow: Lantern Parade from Insa-dong to Jogyesa Temple; Buddhist Cultural Festival; Cheer-up Buddhist Festival, Grand Harmony Festival, and Closing Ceremony. The streets of Samseong-dong are ablaze with the light of the “Traditional Lantern Exhibition” and many other temples that join in the festivities with their own Buddhist memorial services.

One of the favorites among international visitors is the hands-on experience program where visitors can participate in making lotus-shaped lanterns or paint a Buddhist picture.

Contact :
Celebration Committee for Buddha’s Birthday
#45 Gyeonji-dong, Jongnogu, Seoul
Tel: 02-722-2206 Fax: 02-722-2203
Website : www.llf.or.kr/eng
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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  • Lotus Lantern Festival 2010, Seoul (South Korea) 20 April 2010 21:41, by Aloke Barua

    Dear sir,
    I am a business person,Beside i am very intersted to visit different country with buddhist program, This year i have visit,India,Nepal & Thailand .
    This is humbel request if you issue me a invitation to attend your festival 2010,I will be very happpy and next year i want to visit europe country.

    This is send for your co-operation please.

    Aloke Barua
    [email protected]

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  • Lotus Lantern Festival 2010, Seoul (South Korea) 21 April 2010 11:26, by Michael BuddhaChannel

    Dear sir,
    I’m really happy that you read my article and that you were interested in attending this wonderful event.
    However, it’s not u, Buddhachannel, who organizes this event.

    You have to contact the Celebration Committee for Buddha’s Birthday of Seoul or visit the website : www.llf.or.kr/eng

    Hope to see you again in our website.

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