Dinh Mountain - tranquil Buddhist hideaway

Thursday 25 February 2010

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 A peaceful path leading to Dinh Mountain in Ba Ria-Vung Tau.

VietNamNet Bridge – Dinh Mountain, also known as Bong Lai (Heaven) Mountain, located just over 30 kilometers from the famous beach town of Vung Tau and about 90 kilometers from HCMC, is suggested as an ideal venue for those who love stillness, peace and nature. Many people call it Buddhist Mountain as there are a lot of pagodas.

The foot of the mountain, situated along National Highway 51 in Kim Dinh Ward of Ba Ria Town, is covered in a dense forest of lush green foliage and rugged outcrops. The path leading to the mountain is lined with many kinds of trees. There are not many houses but scattered around are Buddhist pagodas, towers and temples, a peaceful change of pace from the noisy cities.

A large bodhisattva statue on the peak will be the first impression with its whiteness and solemn features. While it is possible to take a motorbike or car up to the peak, hiking is a great option, allowing for more time to take in the wild scenery, listen to the sounds of nature and take photos.

Along the way to conquer the peak 500 meters above sea level, visitors can explore the hidden beauty of Da (Rock) and Tien (Fairy) creeks which originate from the top of the mountain. Visitors can also take a swim to release the tiredness and sweat after trekking for a while. Nearby, smooth, flat rocks make for a pleasant area to relax after splashing in the cool water.

The mountain also boasts many mysterious caves and several Buddhist monks call the mountain home because of the great solitude. While sitting in the shade of the mountain’s ancient trees, visitors can feel a tranquil calm wash over them. The soft ringing of bells from distant Buddhist pagodas, the chirping of birds and the babbling of brooks are a treat for the senses and a great escape from the chaos of daily life.

Trekkers can also stop by many pagodas to discover ancient and contemporary architecture or make prayers for good luck and good health. After conquering the mountain, tourists can visit Phu Hai Fishing Village to learn more about the daily life of the locals.

Vung Tau Beach, about 30 kilometers from the mountain, is a must see destination for playing in the cool, blue waves and flying kites under the sunset.


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