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Neungin Sunwon - South Korea

Saturday 13 February 2010, by Buddhachannel Eng.

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The major concern of Neungin Seonwon lies in modernization, publicization, and organization of Korean Buddhism through systematic missionary activities. Especially for beginners, it provides them with general, introductive lectures focused on scientific, rational feature of Buddhism. The advanced audience are given more detailed doctrinal discourse, practical meditation, and various ways of Buddhist worship according to their capacities. The variety of educational progr
ams of this institute encourage lay people to have confident, positive attitudes toward Buddhism. They also help trainee to cast fortune-seeking attitudes which have undermined Korean Buddhism.

As of June 2001, Neungin Seonwon has 4 domestic branches and 2 oversea branches. Since 1998, it has been re-constructing Kuk-neong-sa temple in the north of Seoul which represents nation-protecting spirit of Korean Buddhism. At present, Neungin Seonwon is getting ready for the graduate school of Buddhism planned to be located in Hwasung, Kyunggi-do. By the end of 2002, there will be the civil engineering works for the school. Missionary activities in contries such as America, Japan and so forth have also been vigorously undergone.

Neungin Seonwon comes up with numerous service schedules for religious lives of the laity consisting of prayer, meditation, chanting mantra etc. along with lectures of doctrinal study.

One of the most important activities of this institute is aimed at public welfare projects stemming from the compassion of Buddha. Neungin Public Welfare Center has been established to be in charge of extensive activities to enhance the welfare of families and local societies. For the conveniences of the laity, the institute also runs Credit Unions.

Most of Neungin Seonwon Headquarter are managed by lay people volunteers. Again, lay people organizations consisting of more than 200,000 members, are self managed through an effective hierarchical order. Lay people of Neungin Seonwon in varying social, age strata, and from various parts of the country, endeavor to construct Buddhaland now and here.

Address: 55 Poi-dong Kangnam-gu Seoul 121-050 South Korea
EMail: neungin@chollian.net
Website: www.neungin.org

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