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Diamond Way Buddhism - Hong Kong

Tuesday 19 January 2016, by Buddhachannel Eng.

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Diamond Way Buddhism is part of the Karma Kagyu school, one of the three ‘old’ schools of Tibetan Budhism. This particular school puts special focus on meditation practice and we offer regular guided meditations at our centre. Several times each year different Buddhist teachers visit us for public lectures and in-depth weekend study courses. For details of our upcoming public talks, please visit our events page.

In each culture, the teachings of the Buddha find the form that best suits them. One can compare them to a diamond: on a red cloth it shines red, on a blue cloth it looks blue; regardless, the diamond stays the same. Without losing their essence, the teachings have adapted to the cultural conditions of different societies and times. The Buddha’s highest teachings were first transmitted in India for 1500 years and for another 1000 years in Tibet. Today, the timeless view of the Diamond Way (skt. Vajrayana) and its methods are more and more appealing to educated and independent people around the world.

The overall aim of any Buddhist is to realise minds full potential, a state of mind also known as enlightenment.
Diamond Way Buddhism want to aid this objective by providing a place for people to meditate together, get information and ask any questions that come up. The Centre is not an abstract institution, but instead a place where all can meet to learn and meditate, to share development and actively participate in doing the work which makes all this possible.
In line with our Tibetan forefathers we particularly focus on meditation practice and try to keep the highest possible view in all life’s situations.

Diamond Way Buddhism is a registered Hong Kong charity and work closely together with the other Diamond Way groups and centres around the world, to provide a modern and authentic access to Tibetan Buddhism within the tradition of the Karma Kagyu Lineage of Diamond Way Buddhism.
All the centre work is done voluntarily based on friendship and idealism. Nobody is paid for their work – for instance, the design of this website was done by a member of the centre!

Address: c/o 1 San Shek Wan, Lantau, N.T. Hong Kong
Phone: 2537 7553
EMail: info@buddhism.hk
Website: www.buddhism.hk"

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